How to Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs: Here Are the Facts

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How to Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs: Here Are the Facts

Most people who hear the words “high cholesterol” from their doctor resign themselves to a lifetime of taking pills, and although they may not like it, realize that they must do what’s necessary to preserve their health. But haven’t you ever wondered if there’s something else you can do to lower your cholesterol and eliminate the use of drugs? Here are some answers for you:

First, in case you aren’t entirely sure what the story is with cholesterol, there are two types of cholesterol. LDL or “bad” cholesterol and HDL which is “good” cholesterol. If you have high amounts of LDL cholesterol in your blood it can make the likelihood of you having heart disease, a heart attack or even a stroke rise dramatically. If this condition remains untreated, the result could be devastating.

Your liver is responsible for making cholesterol and it has many critical purposes for being in your body. First, it creates bile, a crucial fluid that holds an integral place in the digestion of fats. It is necessary to assist your cell walls in remaining supple and is required for making several important hormones such as cortisol which helps you battle stress, and progesterone a sex hormone.

Usually, if you’re diagnosed with high cholesterol your doctor will either advise you on making changes in your diet to lower it and recommend more exercise or will give you a type of drug known as a statin to help. It might surprise you to learn, however, that it is possible to lower your cholesterol radically minus the use of drugs. So here are the facts about how to lower cholesterol without drugs: 

Banish Trans Fats

Put simply get rid of trans fats. Cut them out of your life. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth the effort. Trans fats are everywhere. They’re in fried foods, so no more fried chicken, no matter how much you love it. They’re also in baked goods like cakes and cookies, and even where you wouldn’t expect to find them such as (pie crusts, stick margarines, and frozen pizza. Diet is really important in keeping our body healthy. You may also learn more from our article on The Absolute Best Diet to Control and possibly Reverse Diabetes.

In fact, trans fats are so dangerous and found in so many foods that the FDA is attempting to take them out of the food we eat all together. What you need to do to steer clear of them is to make sure you read the labels on your foods when you go to the supermarket. Don’t be fooled if you see “partially hydrogenated oil” written on the package. That term merely translates to trans fat.

Reduce Your Intake of Saturated Fats

How to Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs: Here Are the Facts

This together with the elimination of trans fats will be hard, still, the benefits are tremendous. Saturated fats which are mainly found in full-fat dairy items and red meat, contribute to boosting your LDL cholesterol levels.

Eat Polyunsaturated Fats

These fats are made of double bonds which cause them to have a different effect on your body than what saturated fats do. The American Heart Association indicates that unsaturated fats lower LDL cholesterol and reduce your chances of getting heart disease.

You would be particularly wise to eat omega-3 fats which are substantially healthy for the heart. They are contained in fish oil supplements and seafood such as salmon, herring, mackerel, and in a smaller amount in shellfish.


How to Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs: Here Are the Facts

If you remember to do this in moderation and don’t fall into the trap of overdoing it and then giving up entirely, exercise will help decrease your levels of cholesterol, particularly the LDL type. It seems that aerobic exercises, like cycling, swimming, and jogging cause cholesterol levels to drop the most by lowering LDL, according to studies. Walking, and yoga have been proven to help too.

Lose Weight

It’s not necessary to drop pounds radically by living on a starvation diet but the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t take a large weight loss to lower your cholesterol. The average overweight person can cut their LDL level up to 8% just by losing 10 extra pounds. The key to getting those pounds to remain gone is to do this over time. Set yourself a goal of shedding 1 to 2 pounds each week.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has stated that overweight women who lead a basically inactive lifestyle, require only 1,000 to 1,200 calories every day for safe weight loss, overweight women who lead an active lifestyle and weigh 164 pounds or more require 1,200 to 1,600 calories every day.

Cease Smoking

How to Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs: Here Are the Facts

 Quitting smoking has a huge effect on the amount of HDL in your system, which is the “good” cholesterol, and can furthermore reduce LDL levels, although not as much. Research has proven that once you cease smoking, your cholesterol levels will drop. The LDL levels will keep dropping each month that you continue not to smoke, and can also partially reverse the bad effects smoking has on cholesterol in a matter of only 90 days.

Eat Avocados

How to Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs: Here Are the Facts

Avocados are truly amazing. They have tons of fat, but in this case that’s a good thing, because we’re talking about oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that lifts your HDL cholesterol and at the same time lowers your LDL. Studies have proven that just one avocado daily can lower your LDL enough to make a real difference. Also, avocados have other benefits too, being full of potassium, vitamins C, K, and B6, and fiber.

Drink Green Tea

How to Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs: Here Are the Facts

A meta-analysis of 14 studies published in June 2011 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, states that drinking green tea notably lowered total Cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. It is currently recommended that you consume one to two 8 oz cups of green tea every day. Don’t forget too, that green tea has caffeine (although there are decaffeinated brands as well), you don’t want to drink this beverage too near the time you go to bed or you might have trouble sleeping.

So if you’d like to lower your cholesterol without drugs, then here are the facts that can help you.

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