What’s All This Fuss About CBD?


What’s All This Fuss About CBD?

What’s All This Fuss About CBD?

Hearing some people sing praises of CBD, you would think it’s the second coming. Healing the leppers, making the blind see again, and zaps those wrinkles faster than you can say “botulinum toxin”. But is it worth your time?

The answer is — quite possibly. While it is not the ultimate cure-all, it still shows many beneficial effects in both lab studies and daily use.

But first, let’s just clear a few things, just in case. CBD is not the stuff you roll up in the joint. It’s just one of the components of the cannabis plant. CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it is most likely that you will find it under that name on an ingredients list somewhere.

Keep in mind that CBD is not able to get you high at all. You get high from another component called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short. If that is a concern for you, just look for the THC-free label on the product you are considering.

And trust me, you will find a lot of products on the market these days. It has become a little bit fashionable to put CBD in anything that you can stuff in your mouth or smear on your face. For someone who has seen many fads come and go, it might seem like just another bottle of snake oil. But believe it or not, there is some real research to confirm at least some of the claims.

1 – It helps with cancer treatment


For a long time now some cancer patients would rely on their space brownies to help them get through chemo [1]. They mostly hope that this will tone down pain and nausea, and build their appetite. The second one is particularly important because no one in this position needs to deal with malnourishment as well.

What’s All This Fuss About CBD? It seems that CBD itself can do a bit more than that [2]. In certain cancers, and when combined with appropriate treatment, it may help control the rate of growth of the tumor. We are still in the early stages and don’t know how exactly to use this new knowledge, and it has a lot to do with the plant’s legal status all around the world. That being said, many scientists are optimistic and very interested in sinking their teeth into the topic.

What’s All This Fuss About CBD?2 – It can treat epilepsy

CBD appears to be a more natural, but still as effective option for preventing epileptic attacks [3]. Even the FDA has approved a CBD based drug called Epidiolex for treatments of different types of epilepsy – both of which occur in young children [4].

3 – It can be helpful in the field of mental health

What’s All This Fuss About CBD? The same effectiveness CBD has on the brain in the treatment of epilepsy may prove beneficial for anxiety, depression, insomnia and even PTSD [5][6]. It will still be a long time before it becomes a part of mainstream treatment because it’s not all rainbows and unicorns here. Patients suffering from clinical depression have long been advised against using marijuana because it may not mix well with their meds, even though there are some who have seen vast improvements.

For now, it’s a waiting game so the labs can figure out the right doses and how will it all mesh with other drugs. Still, some anxiety disorders and PTSD patients can ask their doctor if CBD is right for them

4 – It helps with type 1 diabetes

Since type 1 diabetes starts with the inflammation in the pancreas, having something that has shown to tone down said inflammation [7] might not be a bad thing. This news might be most valuable to parents who are afraid of passing this part of them to their kids. In the experiments on mice, scientists saw that the development of type 1 diabetes got pushed back in mice who were treated with CBD. You may read our other article about The Absolute Best Diet to Control and possibly Reverse Diabetes.

5 – It does awesome things for your skin

What’s All This Fuss About CBD?Ok, let’s lighten it up after all those serious conditions, and let’s talk about something that anyone can try right now – skincare.

If people from Paula’s Choice team give an ingredient a gold star [8], better pay attention. CBD seems to do it all: antioxidants to prevent premature aging, anti-inflammatory properties for acne-prone skin, and soothing properties for sensitive skin.

Because CBD skincare has skyrocketed in popularity recently, many brands and lines have been popping out everywhere, Make sure you read the ingredients list and see it listed as cannabidiol and nothing else.


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